Rules for Trainers

    • The trainer must have a clear outline submitted to us.
    • The trainer must define the outcomes of the training. TANGIBLE skills that the students would learn.
    • Trainers should provide constructive feedback to students, highlighting their strengths and identifying areas for improvement.
    • Trainers should be knowledgeable and well-prepared in the subject matter they are teaching.
    • Trainers should be able to communicate effectively to ensure that trainees understand the information being presented.

    Checklist for Trainers

    Before the Training

    • Develop clear learning objectives for each training session.
    • Create engaging and interactive training material, such as presentations, videos, and case studies for the students to leverage and keep.
    • Provide opportunities for hands-on practice.
    • Ensure that trainees have access to all necessary materials and resources.
    • Assign homework or self-assessment activities to reinforce learning.

    During the Training:

    • Start the training on time.
    • Introduce yourself and the topic of the training.
    • Review the objectives and goals of the training.
    • Use clear and concise language.
    • Use examples and illustrations to enhance understanding.
    • Encourage participation and interaction from trainees.
    • Provide opportunities for practice and application.
    • Monitor the progress of trainees and adjust the training as necessary.
    • Give constructive feedback and praise.
    • Encourage trainees to ask questions and provide feedback.


    Weeks 1-2
    Develop the training program and material.
    Weeks 3-4
    Submit the training program and materials for review to the management.
    Weeks 5-8
    Start training with trainees.
    Weeks 9-10
    Finalize the training program and gather feedback for future improvements.