About Us


Our mission is to empower youth to own the future by promoting tech literacy through practical training and providing knowledge and financial support for entrepreneurship endeavors. 
We are also committed to their overall well-being and support them through crowdfunded campaigns for their life essentials.

Our Promise

At Qavaa Innovate, our mission is not just a statement of purpose. It’s a promise; a promise to the young people we serve, to their families and communities, and to ourselves.
We believe that with
, determination hard work and the support of our community, every youth can achieve their full potential and make a positive impact in the world.


We believe Greatness is in every youth and can be harnessed through care and proper guidance.
We are relentless in our mission and are committed to seeing it through with hard work and love for our neighbor.  
We remain abreast of industry trends and needs to ensure our youth are well prepared to meet the challenges of the 21 century.

Our Value Proposition

Our unique value proposition is our obsession for real life impact and our hands-on approach to training and support, which gives young people the tools and confidence they need to take charge of their destinies and create a brighter future for all. We are committed to innovation, excellence, and social impact, and we strive to be a trusted key partner for schools, communities, and organizations dedicated to promoting youth entrepreneurship and education. With our big, bold, and bodacious dream, we will inspire a generation of young people to pursue entrepreneurship and tech literacy, by providing training, support, and resources to at least 1,000 young people this year and more in the coming years. We will empower youth to break the cycle of poverty and effect positive change in their communities and the world, ultimately creating a future where all young people have the skills and resources they need to succeed. Join us in making this vision a reality for generations to come.

Ways You Can Help

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