Ignite Your
Future 2023

Tech Fair at Harvest 16227 Batchellors Forest Road, Olney MD 20832

Sept 30 - 2 pm to 6pm

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Join experts in various IT fields to explore the world of tech today. Engage in discussions, workshops and network with tech professionals. Get an overview of trending concepts and get your questions answered!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect to learn about the latest concepts in technology, how they are shaping the future and what that means for you. You will also learn from industry and tech experts who will share valuable insights, trends, and predictions in the tech landscape.

Ignite Your Future 2023 - Tech Fair at Harvest will take place on Sept 30, from 2 pm to 6 pm, at 16227 Batchellors Forest Road, Olney MD 20832

The event is absolutely free but while you can certainly attend without registering, only registered participants will have the full experience of the fair. Registration is strongly encouraged for in-person attendance as it will help us plan better for the event. 

All registered participants will receive: 

  • Transportation assistance and accessibility services as requested.
  • A program package (with access to digital copy) which includes a badge, the event catalog, pens, notes from sessions and keepsakes. 
  • Tickets for free drinks and food during the event, including the social hour. 
  • Eligibility for prizes during the events, 

Registration gives you all these benefits listed above so register now! You have nothing to lose!

If you attend online, you will only need to join the meeting at the appointed time. However, to gain digital access to the notes and content that the in-person participants will receive in their program package, we encourage you to register as well.

The registration window for in-person attendance will close on Sunday Sept 24th at 11:59pm.

Tech Enthusiasts Unite! Regardless of where you stand on your tech journey, this event is for you. If you're a student curious about a future in tech, or a job seeker looking to network with potential employers and get career-ready, join us. Seasoned tech professionals, come share your insights and learn from peers, exploring diverse solutions to shared challenges. We're all about learning, networking, and growing. Don't miss this opportunity!

The venue is wheelchair accessible and translation services in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Sign language will be provided at no cost to you. Make sure to select what translation service you need as you register!


Get signed in with your badge and package, visit stands, review the agenda and plan your afternoon. A shuttle service will be provided from MoCo campus and Glenmont metro station if you need a ride.

  1. A renowned tech / industry leader or our official sponsor to talk about the opportunities in technology and how to transition into a tech career.
  1. “What are the current trends in tech in terms of tools, equipment and careers?”
  2. "How does Tech impact and enable your work?"
  3. “What does the future look like, with the advent of AI disrupting the way we work?”
  • Tech Workshops

- Robotic kits assembly and programming
- Cybersecurity Basics and Career Opportunities
- Agile Project Management in government
- The Power of No Code: Unlocking Opportunities in the Tech Industry
- Cloud Computing Services - Amazon Web Services (AWS)
- Data Science, AI, Machine Learning: What's the Hype About?

  • Career Workshops
  • - Identify Transferable skills for a successful transition to IT - Boost Your Existing Career  - Resume Building - Highlight your skills to put your best foot forward

    • Tools & Solution Demos
    Various at Vendors stands
    1. Special Award: 
    2. Prizes will be awarded at various points during the fair to participants who networked the most and answered the most quizzes. 
    1. Summary of the conference and any next steps attendees might want to consider.
    1. Attendees get a chance to network with professionals, speakers, and other attendees. Shuttles leave after an hour.

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